Apply for Brand New Construction

To request the construction of a brand new electric service, please complete the fields below. Once you submit your request, a Member Services Representative will review your information and contact you regarding any other information needed.

All new services and transferred accounts require a setup fee of $75.00.  A deposit is also required based on the service location and type unless a favorable credit check or credit reference letter from a previous utility company is received.

You may save your information and complete the process at a later time. Please note: your request will only be stored for 30 days.




  • Operation Round Up is a charitable program that will automatically round your bill up to the next dollar.  This voluntary program averages $6.00 a year and benefits our local members and community.  You may request to be removed from this program at any time.  To learn more about Operation Round Up or Round Up Plus, please click here.
  • To review the Terms & Conditions of Membership click here.
  • To review the By Laws click here.
  • To review the Residential Household Affidavit click here. 

If the location you are attempting to establish a service at has never had power before, the following items need to be completed. Please print and submit them to a local office. (Note: We must receive the original and notarized Right of Way Easement form before construction can occur at the location.)

  • A New Construction/Membership application (complete all fields above)
  • A Right of Way Easement (select one of the following)