Special Billing Programs

Paperless Billing

Sign up for Paperless Billing and you could find a $250 credit on your account! One member enrolled in Paperless Billing will be chosen randomly each month to receive a $250 credit on their account. ¬†Login to SmartHub to “turn off paper bills” or call GEC at 863-946-6200 to go paperless!

Budget Billing

Because members normally experience seasonal fluctuations in electrical usage, Glades Electric Cooperative offers a plan that makes monthly charges consistent throughout the year. This is called the budget billing plan.

The amount charged each month is calculated by averaging the electrical usage for the most recent twelve months and charging the monthly average throughout the year. Ask a Member Service Representative to determine if you qualify and if the plan fits your situation.

Choose When It’s Due

Members can now choose their own billing due date. All members are eligible for this program and can select the time of month they want payment due. Members can plan and budget for their electric bill payments more easily through this program. No application is necessary.

Call 863-946-6200 or stop in one of our offices and choose to have your bill due on the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th or 25th of the month. Due dates that fall on holidays or weekends will not be penalized until the next business day.

Combined Statement Billing

For members who maintain several GEC accounts listed under the same name, this billing program offers convenience and savings. Under this program, the member receives one consolidated bill showing the location of each service, the usage, and dollar amount due for energy used at that service. A combined total of all amounts due is listed at the bottom of the statement.

The member can write one check yet still have information needed about each account. Multiple-account members can combine this service with the Automatic Bank Draft to make monthly bill paying faster and more convenient.

Contact Us

For more information or to apply for any of our special billing programs, contact your Member Service Representative at 863-946-6200.