How to Read Your GEC Bill

Sample GEC Bill
  1. Account and Meter Information: Shows your location and meter information, rate, actual reading and usage.
  2. Usage History: This chart shows the average usage at your location as well as your average cost per day. The bar graph shows your Kwh usage over the past 13 months to help you track your energy use.
  3. Power Cost Adjustment: A billing adjustment to reflect the true cost of power. When the actual cost of power is greater than the amount included in the base charge, the Power Cost Adjustment is a charge. When the cost is less, the Power Cost Adjustment is a credit.
  4. Kwh Charge: The amount charged for kilowatt hours used.
  5. Base Charge: The fixed monthly amount charged for maintaining and operating the cooperative system. Your Base Charge ensures you have access to safe, reliable and affordable power when you need it.
  6. Payment Information: The due date and total amount of your payment. Payments received after the due date are subject to a 5% late charge.


Your meter is read automatically. GEC reads your meter each month using an automated meter reading (AMR) system. Your meter sends a reading electronically over the power lines.