Day 12 – Friday, September 22nd Update

I’ll keep the introduction tonight short and sweet. I’m also going to switch things up a bit and go over our territory report first.

All members in BIG CYPRESS RESERVATION, GLADES, HENDRY, HIGHLANDS, or OKEECHOBEE COUNTIES: If you are still without power AND there was no damage to your side of the meter AND you haven’t let us know already please report your outage again at

All members in BIG CYPRESS RESERVATION, GLADES, HENDRY, HIGHLANDS, or OKEECHOBEE COUNTIES: If you had damage on your side of the meter and have had it repaired and inspected please call our office at 863-531-5000 to schedule a reconnection of service.

That’s it. That’s our territory report tonight! How exciting is that?!?!?!

On to Jeff’s daily message to the members: We have had a big day today and a big last hour.  We were able to bring the Big Cypress Seminole Reservation online. We have guys all over our territory still but a lot of them are at the reservation and they have power to all but 3 meters at the Reservation. Those three meters are inaccessible at the moment but we should have them finished up tomorrow.  We have all the homes with power now and we are very excited about that. We are tired and wore out but finally we got that accomplished. It was a big job.  I want to say thanks to the tribe for their hospitality to all our men who have been working down there so hard for inviting them to lunch today and showing them your appreciate it.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking care of them like that. They very much appreciated it.  Across the rest of the system, Highlands, Glades, and Okeechobee Counties are virtually 100% restored.  Weather is starting to blow in so outages are likely to start again from trees and lightening.  We are very close to everything. We have a few pumps in Hendry county and a few spots they are working at tonight and will be back early tomorrow morning. We are still planning on wrapping up by Sunday night.  We will keep at it until it’s done.  We are pretty much wrapped up.  There are a few isolated spots, most of them are inaccessible at this time but we are going to stay on it with some special equipment we have here. We are going to do our best to get them done before the weekend is out. Thank you for your patience. I hope all is well with you and your family. Good Night.

I continue to be blown away by the generosity and caring of our communities. Several of the crews have mentioned they have been taken care of far better here than in any storm they have ever worked. I’m so grateful that our own crews, as well as all of the visiting crews, feel like they are treated like family. After an experience like this I think we are all family.  For my gratitude tonight I have to call out to the crews who have responded to our call but receive little recognition throughout this restoration.  We have many visiting tree crews that are working just as hard in some of the roughest terrain I’ve ever seen.  I saw a picture one of the crews had snapped of quite possibly the biggest cottonmouth snake I have ever seen! These tree crews have dealt with so much and the line crews could never have restored power as quickly as they have without these hard working right-if-way crews clearing the way for them.  Our employee, Brett, had his hands full coordinating all of those crews and getting them where they were needed. A huge round of thanks for Brett and those crews!

I’m so grateful these posts have gotten shorter! Have a peaceful night everyone. –Denise